The International Club, which started in 1924 in Great Britain, has grown to now include over 40 countries in the organization. The constant contact and comraderie between these countries, has proved to be one of the most wonderful means of spreading goodwill and friendship using the game of tennis as the means to do so.

On presenting our request to be accepted as a member of the International Club in 1984, our application was accepted wholeheartedly and enthusiastically, with a unanimous positive vote by every country.

This was a very important achievement for Israel and for Israeli tennis, and being a member of the International Club, a very prestigious and important organization, has resulted in tremendous exposure and world wide promotion, publicity and public relations for Israel and Israeli tennis through our International Club.

Our first guests to Israel were from the International Club of India, who at that stage had no official diplomatic relations with Israel, and the team of very high profile important Indian players arrived with very little knowledge of Israel, and were amazed - so much that they invited Israel to India the following year! Since then, Israel has invited and been invited to many member countries around the world and are an integral part of the world wide organization.

I congratulate the Israeli board and those involved in the Israel International Club on their success, and I am sure, the concept and formula of the International Club, will bring continued positive results to Israel and Israeli tennis in the years ahead.

Ian Froman
Honorary President